Jen Groover, One Woman Brand

My guest Jen Groover has been tagged by Success Magazine as a “One Woman Brand” and a”Creativity and Innovation Guru”.  Entrepreneur Magazine calls Jen a leading “Serial Entrepreneur”. Now you can listen to and learn from Jen Groover on the Business Builders Show. In addition to a great interview with Jen Groover, we have some fun talking about 10 Offbeat … Continue reading

Great Guest and Interesting Business Discussions – Todd Erdley

Todd Erdley

My guest Todd Erdley delivers tremendous business insights on starting and growing a business – very innovative approach! Todd also brings real clarity on having business partners. We add discussions about how to thrive in a crowded marketplace and how important it is to get the right fit with each new hire. Please join us! And share this information with … Continue reading

Passion – Hard Work. What Really Matters – Cal Newport


In a famous commencement speech Steve Jobs told us to have passion for what we do. And of course so many other speakers, books, etc. are saying the same thing. But hold on folks, my guest Cal Newport adds some new information in regards to what has become an accepted principle. Fascinating! And this working hard stuff – is that … Continue reading

Built to Lead – David Long

David Long

David Long is a unique guy!  He has a great story to share about his company and he wrote a book that every leader or manager is going to want to get their hands on ASAP – “Built to Lead – 7 Management REWARDS Principles For Becoming a Top 10% Manager”  All those in favor of being in the … Continue reading

Business Can Change the World

Conscious Capitalism

Bob Chapman believes that and he and his great team at Barry Wehmiller are taking action to do just that – change the world. This thought process is often described as “Conscious Capitalism.” Now, don’t leave me because you know Bob was on the show a few weeks ago. We added some new material that defines Conscious Capitalism and you … Continue reading

It’s Tom Hopkins On The Show – What Else Do I Need To Tell You?

Tom Hopkins

Maybe you don’t know who Tom Hopkins is?  Tom carries the standard as a master sales trainer and is recognized as the world’s leading authority on selling techniques and salesmanship.  His book “How To Master The Art of Selling” sold more than 1.6 million copies! We will be talking about “When Buyers Say No – Essential Strategies For Keeping A … Continue reading

How Great Leadership Is INVENTED. Special Guest Mark Hunter

MarkHunterFullBodyPhotocropped071314 2

Mark Hunter is committed to closing what he calls a global gap in leadership. He feels almost every major problem in the world can be fundamentally linked to this gap.  In his new book “The Brink” Mark discusses his leadership development methodology that is based on a simple philosophy, that leadership is built on the brink of our most difficult … Continue reading

“From Rags to Restaurants” Misty Young’s Secret Recipe

organic lifestyle photographers

Misty Young is a high energy restaurant owner and expert with confidence, diligence and tenacity. She co-owns four of the very unusual Squeeze In restaurants in Reno/Tahoe; and has another planned for Northern CA.  She tells us she had a plan to achieve all she has achieved and it was based on “The Five Irrefutable Laws of Restaurant Success“. Don’t … Continue reading

“Truly Human Leadership” Manufacturing CEO Bob Chapman is Our Guest


“The usual corporate-culture buzzwords like engagement, productivity and performance, are self-serving to companies”, says Bob Chapman. “We want to release human potential.” Chapman is the CEO of Barry-Wehmiller, a $1.7 billion diversified manufacturing technology and consulting company. This is from Inc magazine when they featured Mr. Chapman in the may 2014 edition. Bob Chapman is out to change the world, … Continue reading

Scott McKain Delivers By Taxi Some Great Business Lessons


Scott McKain’s latest book “7 Tenets of Taxi Terry” really delivers in helping us understand how every employee can create and deliver the Ultimate Customer Experience. Scott is also the author of “Create Distinction”, which is the best, more effective business book I have ever read. If you own or manage a business, you won’t want to miss this interview … Continue reading