“Trophy” Workers? Ira S Wolfe Discusses Potential Impact On Business

Ira Wolfe

Are “trophy” workers creating another crisis in the world of work? Ira S Wolfe a nationally recognized thought leader in talent management and a prolific writer, columnist and business blogger has very clear thoughts on this subject! This interview will help you see some of the forces behind work productivity. www.successperformancesolutions.com In addition to an insightful interview with Ira, we … Continue reading

Inspirational and Instructional. Paul Martinelli Joins Us

Paul Martinelli

Paul Martinelli’s journey from high school dropout to millionaire entrepreneur is certainly inspirational. And, he shares some insights on how we might be setting up our goals all wrong! We add “The Secret of Effective Motivation” from a New York Times article and Wired magazines Kevin Kelly explains “You Are Not Late”. Not late for what???  Tune in so you … Continue reading

Richard Sheridan and “Joy, Inc. How We Built a Workplace People Love”


After almost all our interviews we ask the person we interviewed “did you have fun?” I was happy that Richard Sheridan, Co-founder and CEO of Menlo Innovations said yes, but then I had to quickly reply that I had a blast! Our interview with Richard will delight and AMAZE you! From an early age Richard’s focus has always been on … Continue reading

“How Leaders Become Super Heroes” with Jack Smalley of Express Pros

Jack Smalley

Jack Smalley serves as Director of Human Resource Learning & Development for Express Employment Professionals international headquarters. Jack breaks down his key competencies for super hero leaders. The first one is Accountability…………tune in to hear the rest! Jack gives us a solid foundation for a great show, but as always we want to deliver even more. And, we do by … Continue reading

“Balanced Scorecard” With Palladium Group CEO John McClellan

If you recognize the phrase “Balanced Scorecard”, you will really enjoy our discussion with John McClellan.  If you are not familiar with that phrase or how this approach can help you build your business, even more important for you to tune in. John McClellan oversees Palladium Group’s global strategy and operations. He was a Managing Director in the portfolio operations … Continue reading

It’s Simple, I Want to Help Leg Up Farm

A few weeks ago my producer Tom Jenkins told me about Louis Castriota, Jr. Tom sat in on an interview Louie had done for a different show. He said that we MUST have Louie, founder and CEO of Leg Up Farm in Mt. Wolf, PA.on the Business Builders Show. As usual Tom was right!  www.legupfarm.org. Louie talks about his 13-year … Continue reading

Jen Groover, One Woman Brand

My guest Jen Groover has been tagged by Success Magazine as a “One Woman Brand” and a”Creativity and Innovation Guru”.  Entrepreneur Magazine calls Jen a leading “Serial Entrepreneur”. Now you can listen to and learn from Jen Groover on the Business Builders Show. In addition to a great interview with Jen Groover, we have some fun talking about 10 Offbeat … Continue reading

Great Guest and Interesting Business Discussions – Todd Erdley

Todd Erdley

My guest Todd Erdley delivers tremendous business insights on starting and growing a business – very innovative approach! Todd also brings real clarity on having business partners. We add discussions about how to thrive in a crowded marketplace and how important it is to get the right fit with each new hire. Please join us! And share this information with … Continue reading

Passion – Hard Work. What Really Matters – Cal Newport


In a famous commencement speech Steve Jobs told us to have passion for what we do. And of course so many other speakers, books, etc. are saying the same thing. But hold on folks, my guest Cal Newport adds some new information in regards to what has become an accepted principle. Fascinating! And this working hard stuff – is that … Continue reading

Built to Lead – David Long

David Long

David Long is a unique guy!  He has a great story to share about his company www.myemployees.com and he wrote a book that every leader or manager is going to want to get their hands on ASAP – “Built to Lead – 7 Management REWARDS Principles For Becoming a Top 10% Manager”  All those in favor of being in the … Continue reading