The Terms To Familiarize As You Work With A Sales Recruitment Agent

sales recruitment agency terms

Sales recruitment is a necessary process in choosing the right candidates for a specific sales position. And it’s up to the recruiting agent to carefully scrutinize every applicant, determine their skills and strengths so they are assigned to the right job according to their competencies. Their role is critical to a company’s success as one wrong choice can hurt a business in terms of sales.

And if you’re new to the industry or are about to work with a recruiting agent, it is also important that you are familiar with the terms and jargon that you’re expected to come across so you can fully comprehend typical terminologies in the sales process.

So take the time to read this entry as we are going to share some of the terms to familiarize as you work with a sales recruitment agency.

CRM Software – This is an acronym for “Customer Relationship Management” Software, a computer program that is used to track and manage a company’s interaction with leads (customers). Also, the data collected by this software is used to improve customer relations and customer retention to promote growth in sales.

B2B Sales – This refers to ‘business to business’ sales wherein a company sells its products to other companies rather than directly selling it to a consumer.

B2C Sales – This refers to ‘business to consumer’ sales wherein a company sells its products directly to their target consumers.

Business Development – This is also a term that you will hear very often when working with a sales recruitment agent. It simply means the act of pursuing opportunities such as cultivating partnerships and establishing customer relations to complete a sale. The actual act of selling can also be defined using this term.

Channel Sales – This refers to a business strategy to utilize other organizations to re-sell their product/service. A good example of this is a third party vendor.

Inside and Outside Sales – Inside sales refer to a job in which a salesperson in doing sales inside an office through the phone or the internet (chat) rather than physically meeting the customer. In some cases, it involves an initial introduction to a customer and then passed on to a sales representative who can conduct a physical meet up to close out a deal.

Many times, inside sales also include heavy cold-calling or soliciting from potential customers that have no prior contact with the salesperson who is facilitating the call to persuade or encourage the customer to make a purchase.

On the other hand, outside sales is the exact opposite of inside sales where a sales representative will meet a customer face-to-face and influence them to purchase the products and services of the company.

Cold and Warm Prospect – Also referred to as ‘cold and warm leads’, these terms refer to the type of customer that the salespersons are dealing with.

A cold prospect is a customer who does not show any level of interest in buying a product or service from a sales representative, while a warm prospect is a customer who displays a certain level of interest and may need further persuasion from the salesperson to ultimately complete the purchase.

Consultative Selling – And finally, consultative selling is also one of the common terms that you will hear when working with a sales recruitment agent. This refers to the method of sales that is based on asking probing questions to uncover the customer’s buying needs and then followed by offering a product or service that can directly address those needs.